A new pop-up book introducing Zacki the shiny tooth

Dentropia is a dentistry with a focus on health education, reimagining a nice and safe environment for children and teenagers. This first book is aimed at children between 3 and 6 who will soon get their permanent teeth.

A flexible, bright and colourful design system communicating complex technology with ease

Mobil-line plan, build and maintain any kind of wireless communication infrastructure to enable their customers to work safely and effortlessly anywhere. We supported them to create an Identity which communicates their strength as reliability, team work and innovative thinking.

Enabling collaboration between communities and technology

Social digital innovation are a non-profit, non-equity, independent development program for social projects using tech. They are an independent, globally operating, NGO enabling collaboration between communities and technology. Based on the concept of being the link, the keystone between tech and social enterprises we supported them in evolving their branding.

A fun and green visual language for Bubbly Tree

We also integrated the fun tree illustrations in their crowdfunding video and social media applications which helped building the app and after a years time planting more then 7000 trees

The branding concept is based on the super power within us and merges the NN into a super flash inducing power.

Runneth provides personal coaching for women to take the next step in their career, returning to work after maternity leave or start their own business. The brand is energetic, professional and approachable.  The type is originally based on Equib slab, which is used as the brand font. The brand symbol can be used on its own in pattern, social media stamp, as a watermark or in combination with the logo type. The colour scene is soft and elegant.

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